Juliane Shibata

Moonrise, violets & irises   2015
Stoneware, porcelain, slip, oxide wash, 12.5” x 12” x 3”

“These wall pieces are some of my most recent work. The floral motifs of irises and violets are inspired by my grandmothers, who loved flowers. Leona, my maternal grandmother, decorated her home with violets, while Toshi, my Japanese American grandmother, favored irises. The Tales of Ise include a story of a man who comes across a field of blooming irises during his travels. The breathtaking sight moves him to write a poem about how much he misses his wife. Although my grandmother repeatedly tried to grow irises in her garden in Gallup, New Mexico, the climate was too dry. By forming the irises out of porcelain, I give them a permanence that eluded Toshi, and evoke ideas of home and family, both actual and left behind.”


– Juliane Shibata

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