Shoko Teruyama


Oval Plate   2015
Earthenware, 2.5” x 10” x 12”

“I grew up in Mishima, one hour southwest of Tokyo. Japan is my country, my culture, and my blood. When I left Japan at 26 to study in the States, I became more aware of who I was through my interest in making. In my ceramics and sgraffito decoration, I often recall the times in Japan when I visited sacred places in shrines and temples. The ones that really stand out in my memory are those that are highly decorated. One place is the Shinto Shrine, Nikko Toshogu. It was built in the Edo period and is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The shrine architecture is filled with ornamentation of vine patterns, animals, and narrative stories.”


– Shoko Teruyama

Teruyama, bio