Shumpei Yamaki

Yamaki_Jar 2

Jar   2015
Woodfired stoneware, 9″ x 9″ x 9″

“The Japanese phrase Ichigo Ichie literally means ‘one opportunity, one encounter.’ One must put forth maximum effort in order to seize the opportunity of the moment. This is the foundation for my concept of beauty.

The process of wood-firing gives me the moment of Ichigo Ichie. Applying the wood-firing method, a technique that requires one to surrender a great deal control over the formation process itself, allows me a way to construct the beauty inherent in spontaneous creation. The various patterns of flames, graduations of charcoals, and colorations of temperatures, merge into a single point to create an inimitable work of art.

The influence behind processes of making the pieces is based on the Japanese concept of Mushin, translated as ‘the mind without the mind.’ When I work on the potter’s wheel, the environment drives my intuition. The clay on the wheel tells me where to go, just as music tells me how to move. When I face clay on a table, it tells me how dinosaurs stand reborn as they were buried in the Earth’s crust.

The concept of Ichigo Ichie and feel of mushin influence me in my work, to recognize a sole opportunity and encounter it.”


薪窯焼成が生み出す、 炎の模様、燠の深みや、温度の色が一つの点で交わる事で織り成される美は自分の技術を感覚で表現してくれる『一期一会』の心得そのもの。



– Shumpei Yamaki

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