Yoshi Fujii


Serving Platter – Cherry Blossom   2015
Porcelain, 13.5″ x 13.5″ x 1.5″

“The design and function of the work are influenced by my heritage. By using porcelain and translucent glazes such as celadon, I sustain specific historical values and suggest a fascination toward elegance and beauty. My functional forms reference what I observed and experienced at meals growing up in Japan, from the seasonal dishes that were served to the unique role of the viewer also as an active user.

In the process of making objects, I reference my cultural background in surface designs and patterns that are inspired by traditional Japanese wood-cut prints, textiles, wrapping paper, advertisements, and even tattoos. I am interested in the eclectic inclusions of east/west and incorporating organic seasonal elements onto the surface through carved surface decoration. I show an appreciation of production practice through keen design and craftsmanship. Like wrapping a gift or wearing special clothing, the ornamentation and celebration of containment is meaningful to me in my work. A viewer becomes an active user when holding the vessel, feeling its surface, and nourishing their body with its contents. The time that I spend carving and finishing each piece has a direct relationship to the time the user spends with the piece and connecting with participants during a meal.

In Japan it is a luxury to alternate dinnerware according to the season. It is my humble desire to share the aesthetic and conceptual beauty of this culture by creating work can represent a specific season or be used to mark a special occasion in one’s life. ”

かたちと用途を考えると、いつも私は食卓でみてきたうつわや季節の食材と盛りつけ、観るひと/使うひととの関係を参考にしています。 贈り物を包装したり着物を着るように、“なかにはいるもの”への装飾と賛美は大切なものです。日本では季節によってうつわを換えることは贅沢とされています。季節や人生の一場面を彩る、私の作品がそんなすばらしい文化を分かち合うきっかけになればと思います。

-Yoshi Fujii

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